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Academic Singles Review 2024

Growing at a fast pace, Academic Singles offers an advanced system for bringing compatible, well-educated people together.

acdemic singles homepage screenshotWhat is “Academic Singles”?

The expression ‘Academic Singles’ sums it up well. It is a dating site that aims to bring together highly-educated singles. This means that the site mainly attracts an audience of people with a high level of formal education and, often, high purchasing power. This is reflected in a high percentage of members with well-established and successful academic and professional careers.

What kinds of relationships can I find on the Academic Singles website?

Academic Singles invests a lot in the search for compatibility between the ideal partners suggested to each member. Based on this principle, the site is especially suitable for those seeking meaningful, long-lasting relationships.
Although casual relationships are possible, the site is dedicated to bringing together people with high affinity. Therefore, the site fits perfectly into serious dating, commitment, or marriage relationships.

What is the profile of the community members?

As the name implies, the site is focused on highly educated people. They are singles looking for serious relationships with compatible people regarding personality or intellect.

Geographical distribution

Academic Singles is the American version of the same Academic Singles site, which was started in Europe, but has websites in several countries. In this way, the site has a community of members exclusively made up of Americans.

Distribution per gender

The ratio of male to female members shows a particular imbalance in favor of men. According to the network’s activity statistics, there are about 58% of women and 42% of men.

Distribution by age

By the very proposal of the site, it is natural that it has greater appeal among the intermediate and mature portions of the singles population. Most users are between the ages of 30 and 49. But there is also a considerable portion of members over 50.

How does the site work?

It offers an advanced system for finding matches between members and indicating ideal partners based on affinity. Each new user is given a detailed personality test to indicate preferences, opinions, desires, and profiles. The test is time-consuming and more prolonged than most straight-to-the-point dating sites. Even though it is a bit laborious, the level of detail pays off when finding compatible people.

With this information available, the site’s system can draw an in-depth profile of each person. Then a sophisticated algorithm crosses the profiles and finds singles with a high affinity and, consequently, a greater chance of success in an eventual relationship.

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